Get Prepared

Emergency Management means being ready.

  • It takes an effort by all of us to create and sustain an effective emergency preparedness system. 
  • You are your own best first responder. 
  • Visit these links to the Office of Emergency Management, UTPD, and RecSports websites to better understand emergency preparedness at the university and how you can become part of and contribute to the preparedness community.

Campus Emergency Plans

Please review these plans to familiarize yourself with how the university plans for emergency and improve your understanding of emergency planning.

Communication Tools

Emergencies may range from inclement weather to building evacuations to campus closures. The university has a variety of tools to communicate with the public in the event of these and other possible emergencies. Depending on the type of emergency, we may use some or all of the tools listed to communicate with faculty, staff and students.

Be Prepared to Save a Life

Sudden Cardiac Arrest! Are You Prepared To Help Save A Life? These RecSports classes are designed to help you be prepared for an emergency requiring the use of an AED and/or CPR.

Safety Protocols

Learn valuable tips on how to behave in the event you encounter an armed subject or disruptive individual and how to respond to other emergencies.

Active Shooter Response Guide

Visit UTPD website and view their video for Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE).

Emergency Terms

Visit the Office of Emergency Management website to learn the meaning of terms used in various emergency situations.